What is Medical Intuition?

If you are new to the subtle energy realm, one of the key developers in the field of Medical Intuition would be Caroline Myss. She worked with Norm Shealey MD and brought awareness to the general public that the energy body contains information revealing underlying causes for dis-ease and dis-harmony in our lives.

A Medical Intuitive doesn’t diagnose. An assessment may say “There appears to be (mild- v severe) energetic congestion in your liver…” This is the assessment of your GENERALIZED energy rather than isolated to today. The assessment would NOT say that there is a medical condition, what it may include is that there is a initial time frame (age), a situation, an emotion and a recommendation for you to take action on to (re)connect to the area and (re)establish a stronger communication between your #BodyMind relationship.

REALLY? You might be saying “How can this be done?” There is Sooo much literature out there on the topic:

  • Business people saying that they made their decisions based on a ‘gut feeling’ or
  • You were just thinking of of someone just a few days before they phoned you (or you saw them spontaneously)
  • Purchase something at the grocery that wasn’t on your list BUT soon after needed it!

These examples are just a few examples of your own 6th sense. You don’t know how you know (or feel) … BUT you do!

So, what is Intuition?

To begin with, Intuition for me can come from a gut feeling, a knowing, but sometimes I hear it. Sometimes I’ve looked at a situation similar to #GroundhogDay – like a Déjà vu that has happened before and I’m experiencing a replay of it. When I do an assessment I’m tuning into a story that has already been written about you. Sometimes it’s as if I am your biographer, writing about your life. We may know each other, or I may not have met you in person before.

I’m going to give you an example to help with my explanation. Have you ever heard of Emotional Intelligence before? You can take online tests where they show you pictures of people (one or more in the pic) and you have to pick the best synopsis of what is going on in this situation. I did quite well in these tests. It is part of my gut sense and my heart coherence that I could relate to their situation;

  • undisclosed
  • unspoken
  • unknown

Have a good look at each of these people and describe to yourself what’s going on with them. Now imagine me sensing your energy and doing the same for you.

emotional intelligenceemotional intelligenceemotional intelligenceEmotional Stress, Business, Office.

What is a Medical Intuitive ASSESSMENT?

Once you give your permission to have an assessment performed, you will receive information on your Energy Balance, level of energetic congestion, Energy Blocks, Chakras with recommendations that are designed to strengthen the relationship between your #Body and #Mind. 

Energy Balance: is the relationship between the mind and body. When there is good flow of information between them I’ll sense a lower number; balanced 0 and 10 is out of balance. This energy is a reflection of how well the mind and body communicate with each other. Do you notice and act on your body’s messages of hunger, thirst and fatigue? This is a good starting point for everyone to begin with to create better energy balance.

Energy Blocks: Although the physical body mirrors what is imbalanced in the energy body it’s important to mention you may or may not be aware of any symptoms in the areas found during the assessment. The blocks will represent how your thoughts affect your body.Your assessment will include a list of energy blocks that will be described on a range from mild to very severe. The blocks will give you an understanding of how you are managing in your everyday life activities and what you can look forward to as the energy becomes less congested. When you live in the present moment you are more connected to living out your potential and to take action to fulfill our hopes, dreams and desires.

Emotional Blocks: When we aren’t able to take the time to sit with our emotions to identify and understand them for resolution the imprint can be found in the energy field. As I intuit an assessment, I’m already aware of the energy shifting. When you read your assessment sense how you are responding to the information.

I like this 4F approach to guide me to resolution – and thought you might too.
  • Find it – Where do you sense you’re holding the tension or discomfort from the situation/event?
  • Feel it – What does the emotion feel like?
  • Fix it – Can you look after this yourself, or do you need help from someone or something?
  • Forget it – Keep your energy in the present, let go of looking back, and be free. Often we go over the woulda/shoulda/coulda lists which keeps us in the past.

Energy Intake Assessment of the Chakras: Your personalized assessment will also include an evaluation of your 7 main chakras for you to become more aware of where you can increase better flow and functioning in your life.chakras The chakras influence all aspects of our state of well being. As you read your assessment and the recommendations to improve your energy, you can tune into your own body from your tailbone (1st) to the top of your head (7th).

Recommendations: In this final portion of your assessment I’ll note referrals unique to you that may include health and wellness professionals, as well as suggestions that will encompass and support your entire assessment with ACTION steps you can take.


Yes there is! Once you’ve had a chance to review your assessment I am available (included in the service) to go over it with you to discuss and clarify any points you want to discuss. As I mentioned, this is included in your assessment, which makes this a fairly detailed assignment to complete with you.

How often does someone get a new assessment done? questions about Medical Intuition

That’s a good question. I’d like to answer it this way; whenever you feel you are ready for MORE. If you can think back to eating a big meal such as a Thanksgiving dinner, you probably wouldn’t want to eat that much right away. There is an awareness digestion process that you may experience when you read through your assessment. The connection with your energy reading begins a process. How long that process takes, depends on you.

What if you have questions after the assessment and follow up is complete?

It may happen. If it is one question, please email me. If you have more questions, I will offer a consult fee for service.

Can anyone request an assessment?

Yes, anyone can, BUT ethically I’ll provide an assessment for only the person requesting it. Exceptions will be for children 16 and under when requested by their guardian. It is also important to mention that each assessment is covered under confidentiality. Meaning I won’t discuss one person’s report with another. That also guarantees YOU that your information is confidential as well.

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