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Direction through Connection

My focus is moving in a clear direction to empower Sensitive & Empathic Children to claim their presence on an open road to happiness through inspirational stories. As a therapist for the past 30 years I have offered a wholistic integrated approach in a 1 – on – 1 relationship with my clients. While I’ll continue to see clients at my clinic, I will be actively developing my Inner Compass Series. All will be revealed in good time as they say. You can expect that I will weave into the pages inspiration and encouragement for self discovery, self respect and self regulation in an interactive story format.

I can offer kids Direction through Connection through story

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Self limiting stories

Self limiting stories

Do your stories define you, or do you define them? With my own experience and witnessing many clients over my 30 year profession as a therapist, I have noticed that we all have themes - one of them is 'Our Stories'. What I've noticed is people who are stuck in their...

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